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Goen Cinemas

Thank you all very much for taking time to send comments and requests.

I take the time to personally read each E-mail I receive.

If you are looking for a response please enter your entire E-mail Address ( for example: With out this information I am not able to reply.

You may reach us by:


Goen Cinemas

PO Box 2490

Kayenta, AZ 86033



For movies and show times 24hours

        Recorded Movie Line:

                Kayenta, AZ: (928) 697-3833

                Tuba City, AZ: (928) 283-3833

                Window Rock, AZ: (928) 810-5388


For all other calls

        Business Lines:

                Kayenta, AZ: (928) 697-3888

                Tuba City, AZ: (928) 283-3888

                Window Rock, AZ: (928) 810-5386

 All Calls to these lines are screened. You must leave a message.


Please do not call Business line for movies and show times.


“Don't wake me for the end of the world unless it has very good special effects.”

― Roger Zelazny

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